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News Guangdong

Guide for foreign nationals to apply for a Yuekang code

The Yuekang code (粵康碼), also called Guangdong health code (GHC)-issued through an online platform called Yueshengshi (粵省事) operated by the provincial government-has been used to avoid the repeated collection of health information and inconsistent recognition of isolation between regions by pooling information including COVID-19 screening results, registration record of entering Guangdong, health declaration records, and temperature check records.

Who needs a nucleic acid test before going back to school?

Inbound travelers and people returning from Hubei provicne will undergo nucleic acid testing. Teachers and students with red or yellow health codes, or without a code should undergo a 14-day medical observation at home or designated venues , followed by a further nucleic acid test.

Important: Show health code before taking metro in GZ

From tomorrow, April 27th, passengers who intend to take the metro in Guangzhou should show their health code and have temperature checked, according to the latest announcement from the authorities in Guangzhou.

Attention! Show health code before accessing Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Starting from tomorrow (April 27th), passengers must present their health code before being granted entry to either of the airport’s two terminals, according to the authorities in Guangzhou.

Nansha boosts foreign trade volume

The Nansha Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has formulated 172 innovative policies, launched the International Trade Digital General Service System and pushed forward online services for customs clearance over the past five years, as highlighted on April 23rd during the press conference on measures Nansha FTZ has taken to facilitate customs services.

Guangdong ranks 1st in PCT applications across China

April 26th marks the 20th World Intellectual Property Day. The number of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications from Guangdong reached 24,725 in 2019, accounting for 43.5% of China’s total and ranking first across the country.
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